07 - 21 Mar 2020
Shangri-La Hotel
The Department of Neurology FKUI in collaboration with PERDOSSI JAYA, proudly held
“Jakarta Neurology Exhibition Workshop and Symposium 7.0”

Theme :Enhancing Neurological Knowledge and Skill Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0

The conference host scientific and technical sessions on cutting edge research and latest research innovations in the field of Neurology in conducting lectures and updated information organized by The Department of Neurology FKUI in collaboration with PERDOSSI JAYA , meeting with current and potential expertise, and making a splash with new medicine developments, and receive name recognition at this program.

Jaknews has been implemented since eight years ago and become our best opportunity  where we can introduce our products and reach neurology doctors . Jaknews speaker are experts and experienced in neurology so our product can get better explanation about our product and best application too .

The fast impact of globalization brings Indonesia to the industrial revolution era 4.0. This era focused on development of cyber based technology, such as artificial intelligence, robotic tech, big data, etc. Also, this era pushes us to put the automatism system in almost all aspects, including medical services and knowledge updates. We, as medical forces, are charged to be able in adapting and balancing ourselves, as we compete to keep on track of the world’s expanding medical updates. This shall be achieved by renewal of knowledge and clinical skills in variable aspects, including neurology.

JakNEWS is expected to become one alternative way for Indonesian Neurologists to discuss the most recent updates by bringing the national and international experts. JakNEWS will once again give high quality scientific sessions and interactive discussions with more interesting updates in Neurology, specifically in Indonesia .Jaknews gives plenty of opportunities to share views, exchange knowledge and establish collaborations & also networking.

By participate in Jaknews  we  hope the Registrants will get innovative ideas and more information about our product and address a renewed understanding of the vital assessment with clear and aligned definitions of health outcomes in neurology by the theme itself  Enhancing Neurological Knowledge and Skill Towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 

Still bring the color gold like last year, we hope JakNEWS will bring brighter steps for us to achieved our goal as Indonesian Neurologists.
Since this programme is one of the biggest neurologist specialist  in Indonesia partipate by almost 500 neurologist , we want to use this good chance to join the programme by opening booth and join the workshop with the KOL as the speakers , therefore our product can be known all around Indonesia and increase our market  .
We will display our product TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ) and also EEG (Electroenceplaograhm ) as the main focus .

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